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Meet Captain Kelly and First Mate Dawn

Tired of living the "normal" life, we decided to throw caution to the wind and live our dreams. "Life is short but sweet for certain" a wise man once said and we agree. We decided to start LIVING our lives and making our dreams come true. We purchased this beautiful 44' Ketch known as at the Hakuna Matata, moved to St. Thomas, and have decided to share our passion of sailing and snorkeling with you. During our time here, we found a beautiful little kitty on island that we brought onboard and he sails all over the Caribbean with us.

We love meeting new people and teaching them about the aquatic life of the USVI. Each sail and snorkeling trip is unique in it's own way and seeing and sharing the smiles of our passengers makes our job the best in the world. You can relax and enjoy sailing in some of the most beautiful waters or if you prefer to learn how to sail, you can help.

This is Gato, another member of the crew.

Captain Kelly

Captain Kelly was born an adventurer in the 1960's the age of Aquarius. He has many passions, some of which are skydiving, rock climbing, drumming, and of course sailing. He bought his first boat, a Catalina 27' in Nevada and sailed all throughout Lake Mead. Kelly earned his master captain 100 ton license in 2010. Kelly holds his STCW certificate and is CPR certified.

First Mate Dawn

First Mate Dawn was born in the early 70's in the midwest. After graduating from Indiana University she started a career managing a major retail store for 20 years. During that time she decided to leave the cold winters behind and move to Las Vegas. Then one day she went skydiving and met Captain Kelly who introduced her to sailing. Together they decided to sell everything they owned, buy a boat and move to St. Thomas. Dawn loves meeting new people and cooking so this business sounded perfect!

A huge fan of traveling and Dave Matthews Band this first mate is the hostess with the mostest aboard the Hakuna Matata. She holds her STCW certificate and is CPR certified.
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